Prije 2 mjeseci
Samarth Hada
Samarth Hada Prije 22 sati
Is this a pc version? Coz I'm sure there are real people in the mobile app I've played It
Ngomani Ndobe
Ngomani Ndobe Prije 22 sati
Claim your "here within 24 hours" ticket right here
Tyrell Edwards
Tyrell Edwards Prije 22 sati
it’s just disappointing after 4 compilations
Mugesh .S
Mugesh .S Prije 22 sati
I have 115 crown
Mugesh .S
Mugesh .S Prije 22 sati
I have this game stumble guys
3.5 Ecoboost Jorgais
3.5 Ecoboost Jorgais Prije 22 sati
JJ: does a front flip Josh: “JJ did a back flip, forwards”
Rex A1
Rex A1 Prije 22 sati
That was fun not gonna lie
26. Shubham Kaushik
26. Shubham Kaushik Prije 22 sati
Zack Millers
Zack Millers Prije 22 sati
Proof that Harry doesn't watch Phineas and Ferb
Happy Gamer 16
Happy Gamer 16 Prije 22 sati
Petition for the sidemen to play overcooked that would be so good
Adrian Niknam
Adrian Niknam Prije 22 sati
why does jj look mad wierd
Corey Like An Apple
Corey Like An Apple Prije 22 sati
Pls play Volta arcade on fifa
Miller Sparr
Miller Sparr Prije 22 sati
They should do this with 100 teens that swear at them 😂 it would be funny af
Keko Prije 22 sati
Jj change his camera?
Phanni Sai Dasari
Phanni Sai Dasari Prije 22 sati
Y'all paid for this? It's free on playstore I've been playing it for ages😂
beautxpain Prije 22 sati
Took me 21 mins to realise
gilm z
gilm z Prije 22 sati
Vikk" you found your game harry" 🤣
tom baker
tom baker Prije 22 sati
Want to see sidemen play Wii sports
임안성 Prije 22 sati
As an american I've bever watched most of these youtubers
killer__beatz Prije 22 sati
labiba iqbal wania
labiba iqbal wania Prije 22 sati
Mark Andrei Cortavista
Mark Andrei Cortavista Prije 22 sati
I literally just downloaded this game yesterday night
Clippet08 Prije 22 sati
13:51 bottom left thank me later
Matt MacCallum
Matt MacCallum Prije 22 sati
JJ helped Vikk finish. Real friends
Allan Anilson
Allan Anilson Prije 22 sati
The Sidemen should play Roblox squid game. I would love to see them struggling and having fun!
toast- iwnl
toast- iwnl Prije 22 sati
Oh my god i played Stumble Guys on launch day😂😂😂😂
Panayiotis Zographos
Panayiotis Zographos Prije 22 sati
oh i thought this was a compilation for a moment😑
Manuel Paulson
Manuel Paulson Prije 22 sati
Now finally a proper video 😍.
beautxpain Prije 23 sati
Lmaooooo JJ and Vik at the end
Trikitsu Prije 23 sati
We need more of this game! Harry winning is so fun to watch
Arjun Subrahmanian
Arjun Subrahmanian Prije 23 sati
Which video is this from? Is this Side+ content?
PureSmoke Prije 23 sati
They paid a fiver for this I looked it up it’s free on mobile
MorizerHD Prije 22 sati
Mobile version are free, On steam it wasn't.
patrick coakley
patrick coakley Prije 23 sati
Vik needs to go.... hes so up his own ass.... oh look at me... I'm vik....
(м ι a)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
(м ι a)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! Prije 23 sati
JJ sacrificing himself to let Vikk win? What timeline am I living in?
Kassandra Pereira
Kassandra Pereira Prije 23 sati
first of all jj looks fineee and second i really enjoyed watching this video
Ratzy Prije 23 sati
pause it on 4:31 and you can see what ethan drew lol
masongodofgames! Prije 23 sati
awesome video lads i cannot wait to see what you guys have in store for laters video! :)
Aizadventures Prije 23 sati
omg i played this with my friends too!!
Ola Galaaen
Ola Galaaen Prije 23 sati
Viks crossing was deceeeent
Ahmed Kitovaheer
Ahmed Kitovaheer Prije 23 sati
They are not addicted to social media, they would easily go out with friends rather than scrolling
Ahmed Kitovaheer
Ahmed Kitovaheer Prije 23 sati
Josh saying that Simon says fishes are aliens is a figure of speech, they are not extraterrestrial
basil babu
basil babu Prije 23 sati
I play this all the time i have 40 wins
Oblivion Phoenix
Oblivion Phoenix Prije 23 sati
JJ's rank is PLATINUM
Ratzy Prije 23 sati
30:55 What happened to Freezy O_O
Ashfaq T
Ashfaq T Prije 23 sati
Who's gonna tell them that they were Playing against bots
DOCTORDEAH Prije 23 sati
Mad it’s already been a year
All Australian Sports Highlights
All Australian Sports Highlights Prije 23 sati
Is it another complication/
Platinum Patek
Platinum Patek Prije 23 sati
top 1 of JJ being good to Vik
ichinogaya Prije 23 sati
Wroetoshaw always the victim when it comes to gta
FaZian Ammar
FaZian Ammar Prije 23 sati
I payed this game for so long
Ashley Sevilla
Ashley Sevilla Prije 23 sati
Can some one please tell me what Ethan said in 8:9 or 10
Shayan Khan
Shayan Khan Prije 23 sati
We want moreeeee!!!
Sunita Singh
Sunita Singh Prije 23 sati
The people you were playing against are computer bots
Peter Madsen
Peter Madsen Prije dan
Should hop on the Roblox squid games bandwagon sidemen version would be mental
Just A Well Known Anonymous Guy
Just A Well Known Anonymous Guy Prije dan
I just started playing this game a month ago and I thought, "I would love to see the Sidemen play this" lol
lasersoldier234 Prije dan
More interesting then the original
matrix00 gamerguy18
matrix00 gamerguy18 Prije dan
Re upload they need to play more
Nathan Parsons
Nathan Parsons Prije dan
Simons forehead is actually mad big💀
SCriss Prije dan
Game Get killed by the spikes ❎ Get boosted by the spikes ✅
Garrv Modgil
Garrv Modgil Prije dan
we want more of these
John Songalia
John Songalia Prije dan
claim your "here within a day" ticket right here
Maryam Awan
Maryam Awan Prije dan
Did JJ really say that he has a fight coming up👀
Joehan Samuel Walker
Joehan Samuel Walker Prije dan
alternate Title: *Sidemen Playing "Shameless" Ripoff Fall Guys Squid Game while Saying The People they Are Competing is Not Real Person*
Cardinal Prije dan
Please play Human Fall Flat pls guys its a very funny game
Ryan Conroy
Ryan Conroy Prije dan
Ofc Harry wins the scuffed game
Fřëkè •
Fřëkè • Prije dan
What’s up with the vik comments. You all are obviously new sidemen fans
Afflict Prije dan
Guys did you see ksi pushing vik at the end. Stop bullying
Tufman Playz
Tufman Playz Prije dan
Epic Game 😁😁.
Johnrey Selomandin
Johnrey Selomandin Prije dan
Harry found his game
KRTKL Prije dan
Harry with the W!!
jedidyah Ablor
jedidyah Ablor Prije dan
This game is so good I have played it before
havagigle Prije dan
3:55 Harry was so happy!
Yousaf Sarfraz
Yousaf Sarfraz Prije dan
8:23 “KSI is a boxer I gotta run” -K K running from the cops now 😂
Leifixan_ Prije dan
Sidemen are finished. Care more about money than us. Sadly
Sanjeev Prije dan
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal Prije dan
We want to see more Stumble Guys content!!!